lundi 23 mai 2011

Un abbracio

Un abbraccio grandissimo e un pensiero dolcissimo a tu che da lassù ci osservi...sempre vicino a noi, ciao Flo

samedi 21 mai 2011

"Bello ! ciao"

18 mai 2011
"Bello ! ciao"

mercredi 18 mai 2011


Days may come and days may go,

Your memory still brings happiness and tears

Some people notice and some don’t

You are around, we feel it

Love blooms and fades away

You still remain in each of us

Time has flown by, unmoved by our grief

But we still recall the moments

The precious instants of our time together

Small breathes of joy

I want to relive those times of innocence

when life was a sweet happy ride

when death didn’t bear a name

when our friend was a passing ray of sunlight

So while we make our way through existence,

And share this moment of grief together

I believe you are there in the distance

Our hearts and soul with you forever


samedi 7 mai 2011

Mert sehol se vagy - Since You Are Nowhere

Aux pieds de la Szent István-bazilika de Budapest, il y a une ruelle.

Dans cette ruelle, il y a une librairie anglaise.

Dans cette librairie anglaise, il y a un livre de poésie.

Et dans ce livre de poésie, il y a ce poème. Alors la petite Française passant par là a pensé à toi en lisant cela...

Since you are nowhere, I look for you all over,

sun, meadow, lake, cloud, a hundred landscapes

your cover,

always the world shows you somewehere

and always it hides you, but the mistakes

of my probing eyes lead me to you,

so that light-shadow, fairy zithers

flash your voice, your eyes, your lips,

the silent playfulness of the imagination:

I see you and I don’t see you, your dear name

your heart makes resound in my ringing heart,

but from moment to moment I lose you again:

I reach out to the stars and I listen,

your pursuer, I, still, as if pulled down

by lead, into your grave, withdraw into myself.

Lőrinc Szabó

mercredi 4 mai 2011

Rien, rien n'efface l'essentiel.
Rien, rien n'efface le souvenir de Flo.

Moment de retrouvailles.

Même jour, 18 mai 2011.
Même heure, 17h.
Même lieu, cimetière du sud allée 53/54.

Suivi du verre de l'amitié.