samedi 7 mai 2011

Mert sehol se vagy - Since You Are Nowhere

Aux pieds de la Szent István-bazilika de Budapest, il y a une ruelle.

Dans cette ruelle, il y a une librairie anglaise.

Dans cette librairie anglaise, il y a un livre de poésie.

Et dans ce livre de poésie, il y a ce poème. Alors la petite Française passant par là a pensé à toi en lisant cela...

Since you are nowhere, I look for you all over,

sun, meadow, lake, cloud, a hundred landscapes

your cover,

always the world shows you somewehere

and always it hides you, but the mistakes

of my probing eyes lead me to you,

so that light-shadow, fairy zithers

flash your voice, your eyes, your lips,

the silent playfulness of the imagination:

I see you and I don’t see you, your dear name

your heart makes resound in my ringing heart,

but from moment to moment I lose you again:

I reach out to the stars and I listen,

your pursuer, I, still, as if pulled down

by lead, into your grave, withdraw into myself.

Lőrinc Szabó

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